Friday, June 7, 2013

School's Out - Let the Games Begin!

Yesterday on Pinterest I noticed some Summertime Rules.  One complaint I've had recently is that my children are so over-stimulated (by tv, activities, sports, etc.) that they don't know how to have downtime.  I have decided that I am NOT going to be camp counselor this summer.  I just can't be responsible for their every entertainment.  I saw these on Happiness Is and Raising a Healthy Family:

I modified the "Rules" so they were better suited for my family.  Wish us luck!

  1.  Different families have different rules.  Do the right thing, even when Mommy and Daddy aren’t with you.

  2.  Be NICE to everyone or be alone in your room.

  3.    Respect others, their sleep, and their property. 

  4. No fun until chores are done.  You are responsible for the dishwasher, the trash, your clothes, and your rooms.

  5.     Pick up after yourself and your friends.

  6.  Be respectful of your brothers’ need for space.

  7. Make healthy food decisions.

  8.  Be a good host when you have friends over.  Be a good guest when you are playing elsewhere.

  9. Have a little downtime every day – read a book, look at a magazine, lie in your bed.

  10. Be creative with your time – electronics are   fun, but they should not replace activity.


  1. I loved this idea so hard I went and made one for our house this afternoon! Which is a really big deal because it means I had to put down my afternoon glass of booze and do stuff :D

  2. How's it workin' for you so far?!


Be nice, kids.