Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meet Our Cow . . .

I am so excited I can barely contain myself!

We were dining at our local Chick-Fil-A the other night when the concierge asked if we would like to take a cow on vacation.

Some thoughts going through my mind:
A.  Um, yes!
B.  I can’t believe you haven’t asked me sooner.
C.  Having a cow would make my neighbors love me even MORE than they do now!

Introducing . . . Moo Gehrig!

Alas, it’s a little stuffed cow.  We will take photos of him partaking in various Boy Mommy Family activities and post them to the Chick-Fil-A facebook page.  I already have visions of him strapped in to the swagger wagon as we go on vacation or blinking away baseball dust as we sit and watch a game.  I’m going to love him and pet him and I will carry him around in my purse. 

Think Flat Stanley on speed.  Years ago when we live in Manhattan, my niece in West Virginia sent her Flat Stanley to visit us.  (For those who don't know, Flat Stanley is a story book character who gets flattened and is able to go places he wouldn’t have been able to go if he were still a boy.)

This is what we did then:
First I looked through the tour book to see
what I'd like to see during my visit to NYC.

We looked at the transit map so we could plan our day.

We began our adventure at the end of our block,
on 94th St. and 5th Avenue.

Police officers help us when we're lost or hurt,
and they protect us from harm.
New York City cops are a special breed.

Here I am outside the Guggenheim Museum.
Aunt Boy Mommy wouldn't let us go in though
because admission is $18!
That's a lot to pay for a little culture.

Here we are outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
This is a HUGE art museum that holds a lot of famous art.
Large likes to visit the Arms and Armour exhibit.

Uncle bought me a pretzel from a street vendor.

This is me outside of Grand Central Station.

Here I am outside Lord and Taylor. 
We didn't buy anything though.
Aunt Boy Mommy says we're "Target people."

This is the New York Public Library -
the entrance is flanked by two lions,
Patience and Fortitude.

Large and Medium were good at dinner,
so we each got to pick out one sugary treat from Dylan's Candy Bar.

I sat with Medium when we rode the bus.

This is me and Large outside the subway station.
We took the Uptown 6.

Here's me with my very own Metro card.

Night-night Flat Stanley. Sleep tight!

Imagine what our family cow, whom we have named Moo Gehrig, will experience.  Stay tuned!