Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Teaching the Art of Laundry

I have been out of commission . . . and for good reason, but I’ll share that later. 

For now, I wish to explain my recent good fortune.  You see, I have a family of five, but heretofore I will only be laundering the clothes of four. 

Why, you ask?

Large recently went up to his room to find sweatpants to wear underneath his snow clothes, as he was anxious to get outside to frolic with his friends.  In what can ONLY be described as a moment of complete insanity, he fretted, “I don’t have any clothes because Mom doesn’t do my laundry in time!  She doesn’t take care of my clothes!  I never have pants!”

Oh, it’s on.

Never one to miss a teachable moment, I responded, “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!  YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN LAUNDRY FROM NOW ON!” 

That’ll learn ‘im.

He currently has an overflowing basket of clean clothes on top of his bed, which he did not move out of his way in order to sleep last night, and which I am not putting away.  I handed him a giant ball of clean clothes yesterday because I was kind enough to take it out of the dryer (because I had a load of clothes to put in.)

He yelled from upstairs, “Mom!  All these clothes are wrong.  They’re all inside out!”

“Okay,” I responded, not sure where this was going . . .

“Why are they all inside out?” he asked.

“They must have been that way when you put them in, so that’s how they came out.”

Ugh.  Now he has to put them in the washer, AND the dryer, AND turn them inside out before he puts them away? 

Currently he’s googling child labor laws.