Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tarot Card Findings (so they MUST be true!)

As a fun moms’ night out, a few girlfriends (or as I like to call it, Three Hot Blondes and a Brunette,) and I had our tarot cards read last Friday.  When the Reader asked if I had any specific questions, I said no, and that I just wanted basic information. I don’t want to know when I’m going to die, etc., although I probably wouldn’t have to wear clean underwear quite as often, just in case.  There would be no more just in case.  But I digress . . .  This, apparently, is what the Universe wants me to know:

  1. My career is going to take off!  This would be AWESOME news if I had a career.  So I’m thinking one of two things is going to happen:  A) someone is going to notice my blog and offer me a sh*tload of money, a workspace, international fame, and a book deal, or B) my life-long dream of actually becoming Ms. Dolly Parton is about to come true.  I don’t know which one to root for.
  2. I’m a very deep person.  I knew all those self-help books served a purpose.  Turns out, I’m the Dalai Lama of suburbia.  I’m the Dalai Mama. 
  3. People like me.  (This, of course, led to my girlfriend having a dream about me accepting an award a la Sally Field – “You like me!  You really like me!”)  I was not a popular high-schooler and I floundered around a bit in college, but I’ve always had this need to be liked.  Which is ironic, since I’m kind of a b*tch.
  4. I am blessed.  This creeped me out a little bit since I had just recently posted the blog about how frustrated I am with motherhood sometimes.  I need to look at the glass as half full. . . . which I am willing to do, so long as it is a wine glass.

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