Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mommy Tries to Get Out of the House in a Hurry. Mommy Fails Miserably.

Hubby and Large had a baseball game at 5:00 this evening.  We decided to take separate cars, and when they left the house at 4:00 I said, “I’ll be right behind you.”

Famous.  Last.  Words.

Following is a list of the reasons I was NOT, in fact, right behind them.

  1. I had to put the top on the sandbox because, after hauling 200 lbs. of sand to the sandbox BY MYSELF (okay, not all at once, but it doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic if I say I carried 50 lbs. of sand 4 times . . . ) I wanted to protect it while we were gone.
  2. I had to change the baby since he decided to play in the dog’s water dish.  While he certainly would have learned his lesson if I’d made him stew in wet puppy water for the next few hours, he is only 13 months old.
  3. I had to find two clean baseballs that Hubby forgot.
  4. I had to pack a water bottle that Large forgot.
  5. I had to drop off a study guide that Large’s classmate forgot. 
  6. I had to put the top back on the sandbox after Middle decided that no Little League baseball game is complete without some sand toys.
  7. I had to pack the juice boxes and goldfish for the post-game celebration.  Because heaven forbid those little 7-year-olds go an hour without a snack.
  8. I had to put my hair up, because at this point I was all persweaty!
  9. I had to pack my bag so that I was sure to be prepared with a sippy cup, a snack cup, some race cars, diapers, wipes, etc.  Small’s dinner tonight consisted of goldfish, animal crackers, and puffs.  Nutritious!
  10. I had to find “Shane,” the stuffed dog who travels EV-ERY-WHERE with us and has seemingly become a card-carrying member of this family. 

It should be noted that the first time-out of the day (but unfortunately not the last) occurred at 6:30 IN THE AM.  Seriously, whose children are these?  I knew then that it was going to be a long day.

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