Monday, April 11, 2011

*ss-Kissing Update!

Dear BoyMommy -

You totally had us at "loves the Target" but we're pretty sure you knew that already.
Lydia swooned at the shelf comment -- she nodded with this sage look on her face, looked at me and shook her head like she was disappointed.
For the record, I look like a hot mess when I'm done at the gym. Though the mirror in front of the treadmill does a hell of a job to keep me running. How wrong is that??
of course you can be a blog we lurve! I'm adding you now. WOOT!
xoxo Kate

THIS, folks, is how my shameless brown-nosing earned a place on the prestigious  (and yet monetarily worthless) Rants from Mommyland "Blogs We Love" list.  And it took me way less time than it took Ellen to weasel her way onto the O Magazine cover.

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  1. Rantsfrommommyland is how I found your blog yesterday. And now I've spent the last three days reading through your posts, and *not* doing my dishes. I miss Target so much, I'm a military momma in Japan, and was feeling really crappy a few days ago, until I found your site. You are awesome. Your blog is awesome. I'm glad you brown nosed your way onto their blog roll :)


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