Monday, August 6, 2012

What I'm ---ing.

Recently I noticed this pin on Pinterest:

from Wendolonia
I can barely put a sentence together without either being interrupted or accidentally losing my train of thought, so I would be hard pressed to come up with coherent musings on my feelings.  So you pick; which one do you think would be MY response?

A.  to the sweet sounds of my children’s laughter.  
B.  to silence because we’re enjoying Family Reading Time.  
C.  to the dog whine because he is out of water/needs to pee/is generally annoying and listening to Small race giant cars across my hardwood floors and then bang them into the wall while saying “Aw!  Come ON!” 

A.  nutritious foods that nourish my body.  
B.  Wha?  I just remembered, I haven’t eaten yet today.  I forgot to eat!  
C.  nothing at the moment, but I have been chowing down all ever-lovin’ day.  Must find a padlock for the fridge/pantry.  Or my mouth. 

A.  water.  
B.  an avocado smoothie I found on Pinterest.  Delish!  
C.  two glasses of cranberry juice because I feel a UTI coming on, and even though I will be able to self-diagnose, I will not be able to write myself a prescription and the doctor’s office will force me to make an appointment.  I don’t have time to go to the leg-spreader these days, so cranberry juice it is . . .  

A.  the workout clothes I put on first thing this morning.  
B.  a sweet little Lilly Pulitzer outfit.  
C.  a ponytail and a visor to cleverly hide the fact that I haven’t washed my hair since sometime at the end of last week.  Seriously can’t remember which day it was. 

A.  blessed that I have so many wonderful things for which to be thankful.
B.  energized and excited to tackle the rest of my day!  
C.  proud of myself for at least putting on some clean undies.

A.  to invite several of my children’s friends over to play a rousing game of Monopoly.  
B.  to join my girlfriend who took her three children to Hershey Park by herself.  
C.  to enjoy these last few weeks of summer with my boys without wanting to strangle them, duck tape them to the furniture, or see what I could get for them on eBay within the first few minutes of starting our day.

A.  to take some clothes in to the tailor so that she can take them in a few inches.  
B.  to cancel our subscription to Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, because they never watch either.  
C.  to carve some time out for myself.  I mean REAL time, not the 30 seconds it takes me to pee, or the five minutes it takes me to shower, or the 10 minutes I steal as the boys are preoccupied with activities TV.  

A.  putting my career on hold for 10 years has definitely made me feel more intelligent and socially competent than I have ever been.  
B.  laundry is my reason for Being
C.  I’ve been wearing “mom jeans” for years now and nobody told me.  F*ckers.

A.  a hot cup of coffee and a quiet moment of reflection.  
B.  a complete, uninterrupted conversation with another grown up.  
C.  my neighbor’s gossip magazines, because I’m too cheap to subscribe myself and yet not too proud to ask her to stick them in my paperbox when she’s finished.

[BTW, I left WEATHER off for two reasons:
1.  it's f'ing hot.  When it's so hot that your eyelids are sweating the last thing you want is for one more person to tell you it's hot.
2.  it's not parallel with the gerunds and it bugs me.  My fellow English teachers will understand.]  

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