Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day: an Homage to my Hubby

In honor of Father’s Day, (even though, as one of my friends put it, I'M the reason he's a father in the first place,) the top ten reasons I love my Baby Daddy.


1.     Over the past year, he’s only knocked out one of my children’s teeth.  It was an accident, but that doesn’t preclude the fact that Medium lost a tooth.

2.     He doesn’t go to bed angry.  Nope - he doesn’t let marital strife interfere with his sleep.  While I’m tossing and turning and contemplating smothering him with his pillow or preparing his morning coffee with a little arsenic sweetener, he’s snoozing away.

3.     He loves me just the way I am.  A man who would allow THIS to remain on the kitchen counter since last Friday obviously does not care whether or not his bride loses weight.

4.     He believes in me, and he is confident that I can do anything.  Why else would he leave a to-do list that includes going to the bank, dropping off dry-cleaning, delivering a package, and waiting for the HVAC guy, while making sure my kitchen is stocked with milk and bread, and of course, raising our children to be upstanding citizens.

5.     He makes an effort to include me in his hobbies.  Just last week he asked me to meet him at the end-of-the-season baseball party.  I had already decorated 12 baseballs, purchased baseball card packs, packed him a bag of clothes and cleats, filled the cooler, loaded the bag with baseball bats, grabbed the giant bucket of baseballs, and buckled all three of my little All-Stars into the Swagger Wagon ( . . . so thanks for the invite!)  This particular baseball team is not to be confused with the team for which I purchase, set up, and man the concession stand, for which I held an open house thirty-one/scentsy/stella & dot party last fall, and for which I registered and solicited donations for a recent tournament.   That’s a different team.

6.     He is supportive of my writing and he is proud of me.  He gushes away when colleagues or their wives tell him how funny I am or ask him about various situations in which I may have thrown him under the proverbial bus.  He is a willing participant in my storytelling and is always glad to be the *ss in my jokes.  I mean the butt of my jokes. 

7.     He helps with the laundry. . . usually with an audible sigh and a muffled comment about not having any clean underwear or socks.  He simply shrugs off my unwillingness inability to match socks as one of my more endearing quirks.

8.     He cherishes the fact that we are different.  Our strengths lie in different areas, and after the first ten years of our marriage, he finally accepted, graciously, that my lack of cooperation with the checkbook is all part of my charm.  I know this because I said to him, “why can’t you just accept that my lack of cooperation with the checkbook is all part of my charm?” at which point I think he threw his hat on the ground while I looked at him all doe-eyed and smirky.

9.     He appreciates my sense of humor.  When he texts to say he’ll be home by 10 and I text back that I’ll be sure to have my boyfriend out of the house by then, I know he’s laughing.  It’s probably deep down inside, but he’s laughing.

10.  He doesn’t complain that I don’t like to cook.  In fact, he didn’t have any comment at all when I suggested that if Chef Boyardee is not a sufficient dinner then perhaps he should eat his BIG meal at lunch time. 

My Hubby is an excellent daddy.  While this post may be a tad sarcastic, (just like I’m a tad sarcastic,) he loves his boys and I couldn’t ask for much more.    


  1. Although your checkbook skills may be lacking the..uh..charm, your score/bookeeping during the baseball games shows how much he trusts your dedication to watching each pitch, hit and out of our games (that's when I'm not sitting 'quietly' next to ya)!

  2. Howdy, "neighbor" (since I am also a Virginia Mommy-Blogger here on blogspot). Love the homage to your dear hubby. I have not yet been married to my hubby for as long as you have (you've got 4 years on us) but I can SO relate to being an at-home Mommy of a boy ... and the other half to a delightfully flawed and lovable male of adult age. Just wanted to give you my support ... sincerely,


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