Tuesday, September 7, 2010

By popular demand . . .

Okay, so one person suggested a blog, but I like to think that hordes of people will flock to my witty commentary.

My big news today is that Large and Medium both started school. Sing it with me: "it's the MOST wonderful time of the year . . . . " Of course, it's only noon and Medium has already been home for an hour. I'm not convinced that an entire 3 hours of schooling is going to prepare him for his imminent acceptance to Harvard, but what do I know. Baby Small napped, which means that Mommy got to shower AND shave my legs. I had two cups of coffee, too, which means that Small will probably be so wired that he won't nap this afternoon. But the good news is that I got a ton of sh*t done this morning! And in record speed!

I am recommitting myself to Weight Watchers as of this morning. I took a little vacay from counting my points. Luckily I have Medium to motivate me: "Mommy, why is your tummy kinda big?" And so the point counting begins.

Okay, peeps. So this is how this is gonna work. I'm going to make narcissistic, self-involved comments about life au general, you're going to think me hilarious and tell all your friends, advertisers are going to envy my blog's traffic, and I will make millions off of advertisements. I will invite you all to my beach house once it is paid for, but you will need to clean up after yourself. Yo momma don't work there.


  1. Wow. Do I officially get to be the very first comment on your blog??? So freaking cool. Please tell me when you get this beach house you can also hire a nanny to watch all our kids so we can sit on the deck and drink margaritas. Love the blog. You are the funniest person I know - but of course you know this...

  2. A voyeur into your life -- I love it! I will spred the word and by the way, you can stop buying me Panera, we are friends now :)

  3. Well, Nicole H. told me via FB to come over here and she was right, you are hysterical! can't wait to read more.


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