Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Everybody Contributes. Willingly.

So I need to come clean about something, especially in light of the Pinterest Post from the other day.

Yesterday I posted this picture on my Facebook page:

Now, luckily, most of my 391 friends know that I tend to be slightly sarcastic.  Sometimes.  

I did not post the photo so that people would think, "wow, what a great mother!  Her children are helping to clean the house they all live in, out of the goodness of their sweet little hearts.  What a marvelous way to teach them discipline, responsibility, and cooperation!"

If you thought that, please stop reading . . . NOW.

Otherwise, let me do some ‘splaining.

I bribed the boys with my marble system, which I stole from Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.

  • I told Large he could earn 5 whole marbles (!!!) if he vacuumed the family room floor.  The reason I needed the floor vacuumed, aside from the fact that we have white carpet in a house full of boy-dirt, is because the dog had peed on it.  Can’t use the steam cleaner until I vacuum up the loose dirt.

          Ask me if I’ve steam-cleaned yet.

  • Medium played in the sandbox on the deck and needed approximately 10 cups of water for his sand creation.  I’m not talking 10 “cups” of water.  I’m talking 10 plastic ballpark cups.  Since he could only carry two full cups of water at a time, he made several trips.  With every trip, more and more sand magically appeared inside my house.  I told Medium he needed to sweep the floor.  Notice there is no dustpan in sight.  Nope, we’re just moving the sand around from one location to the next.

  • Small just likes to push things . . . his little lawnmower, his ride-on car, his stroller, (my buttons.)  etc.  Lightbulb!  Let him push the swiffer around for a bit.  He doesn’t actually clean anything, but it makes him feel important.

The children completed their designated chores while I prepared a healthy, nutritious meal that they did not eat, and they earned marbles, which will eventually turn into $10 which they will spend on dollar-store plastic things that I will throw away the next day.   Everybody wins!

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