Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Sure There's Nothing ELSE I Can Do For You?

You know how Hubby HATES it when I talk about what he considers to be “personal” things?  In order to avoid any discomfort on his part, I’m going to offer some advice to a friend of mine.  You don’t know her.


Dear Friend’s Husband –

Your wife adores you.  Really, she does.  But it annoys her to no end when you call her at 4:56 pm to notify her that you are going to be late to . . . um . . . waterpolo practice.  Yeah, water polo.

"Yes, Dear.  Of course, Dear.
Is there anything else, Dear?"
A purely hypothetical phone conversation:
Friend’s Husband:  Whatcha doing?

Friend:  Getting ready to head out to practice, which begins at 5:30.

Friend’s Husband: Good, because I’m not going to make it to waterpolo practice by 5:30, even though I’m the coach.  So I need you to get our son ready for practice, and then I need you to grab my cleats (for water polo, hehe), my jersey, my shorts, some socks, and my hat.  Then I need you to grab all the equipment from the garage and the tub of balls.  AND (this is my favorite part!) could you get our son there a little early so he can get a few extra minutes of practice?

Friend:  (Loud subtle sigh)  I’ll do my best, but I’ve gotta get the baby up from his nap, change his diaper, get shoes on our middle child (who is a notorious dilly-dallyer,) get cleats on our oldest son, pack your bag of clothes, pack the car with all the equipment, get everyone buckled in (safety first!) and drive 10 minutes to the field.

Friend’s Husband: What’s the big deal?  I thought you said you were heading out. 

Friend:  I’ll get. there. when I get there.

Seriously?  Herding three boys into the car is like trying to nail jello to the wall.  My friend does not need the extra pressure!  By the way, she showed up at the ball field water polo . . . place . . .  at 5:20.  Because she kicks a$$. 

That is all.

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  1. Hee hee... jello to the wall. Can I use that? I also cannot get out of the house in anything resembling "quick" fashion, and my husband seems not to notice this problem when he's actually there. (I think it's because when he's there he is usually part of the problem). Everything appears easier when you're telling someone else how to do it!


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