Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorite Quotes of the Summer, Part II

Favorite Quotes of the Summer, part II

1.  Background info: I have an irrational fear of the dentist.  I scheduled my check-up for 8 am, which was the first appointment of the morning.  Hubby knows how much I hate the dentist, and yet he still found it necessary to point out just how important his job is . . . because the universe may implode if he doesn’t get to add numbers . . . and asked me not to dilly-dally.  My sarcastic response was as follows:
“Wait . . . DON’T dilly-dally???  Because I was going to read all their magazines and water their plants before I came home.”

2.  After watching movie previews at the theatre:
Medium: “Mom?  Why does Michael Jackson LOOKS like a girl and SOUNDS like a girl, but really he’s a boy?”
Excellent question, son.

3.  After a visit to the pediatrician:
Large: “No fair!  He gets a wart AND a mole, and I get nothing???”

4.  After a trip to Kings Dominion: 
"I simply MUST get
the name of your dentist!"
Mommy:  “Whew!  I can’t WAIT to put on some underwear!”
Medium:  “Why?”
Mommy: “I’ve been going commando.”
Medium: “Why do you like underwear so much?  I always go commando.”

5.  Discussing K’s preschool son’s recent trip to the dentist:
K:  “Did you know they don’t do silver crowns anymore?”
Mommy:  “What do you want him to have, gold?  A diamond grill like Lil Wayne?”

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