Monday, June 13, 2011

I Was Only Trying to Help . . .

It has been said that opposites attract. 

Hubby is a Republican.  I am a Democrat.  He was an Accounting major and I studied English.  (And one of the reasons I married him was because I cannot, for the life of me, balance a checkbook and my parents refused to do it for me after I had graduated from college.)  He is a morning person, and I am more of a night owl. 

Because he likes to get up in the morning and *begin his day!* while I would rather lounge around until 10 AM or so, he helps with the morning routine even if he’s already left for the gym.  He sets breakfast out for the boys, along with their vitamins and little notes instructing them to have a good day.  The night before, he lays their clothes out so that there’s less confusion in the morning.  Hubby gets major props for this, because it enables me to ease into my day knowing that my first responsibility is to simply wake up and walk them to the bus stop.  It’s really best for everyone involved . . .

Anyway, it always cracks me up that he lays their clothes out on the floor in little outfits.  The shirt is on top, usually with an undershirt laying underneath it, the shorts are on the bottom, and their shoes and socks are beneath.  Our children may not be Harvard material, but I’m pretty sure they could figure out which body parts belong in which arm hole, etc., without having a visual aid. 

Hubby and Large had to be at baseball practice immediately following church on Sunday, so I suggested that he lay Large’s clothes out so he could just run in, get dressed, and be ready to go.  When I walked in OUR room, however, I noticed that he’d done the same thing to his own clothes. 

Hubby does not think I’m nearly as funny as I really am, so I’m sure he had no appreciation for my effort, but this is what I left him:

Just a little suggestion for how he could tweak his ensemble.  My humor is so under-appreciated around here.

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