Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The BoyMommy Guide to Romance

First, I need to make an ammendment to yesterday's blog post, as THIS is what happened at Target this morning:
I'm sure they clean these things after each use, right?

OKAY, so the topic du jour . . . in the spirit of post-Valentine romance, I offer you The BoyMommy Guide to Romance.  (Because who better to give you love advice than a perpetually exhausted mother of three who has been married for 12 years?)

  1. Communicate with each other throughout the day.  I’ll call Hubby at work and seductively greet him with “Hello, Lover.”  Then one of two things will happen: I either identify myself as his wife, lest he have me confused with another caller; or, he replies with “Barbara?  I told you not to call me at work.”  [I realized after the original post that I need to establish that my name is, in fact, NOT Barbara.]
  2. Make an effort to look nice for each other.  Sometimes I stay in my daytime clothes until bedtime, instead of putting my sweat pants on at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Because I’m sexy like that.
  3. Recognize your partner’s contributions to your relationship.  For instance, if Hubby and I weren’t married, I wouldn’t own an ENORMOUS television and he wouldn’t own a really fabulous chandelier!
  4. Leave each other sweet little love notes.     

5.  Use “I” statements in order to avoid placing blame on the other.  “I find you annoying right now"    sounds so much more pleasant than “You are annoying me."
6.  Set a good example for the kids.  Just yesterday, Medium told me, “I love you like old people love chicken.”  It’s important that the children learn how to love.
7.  Laugh with one another.  We leave little toys in compromising situations.

8.  Give romantic gifts.  Nothing says I love you like a mini fridge or a steam cleaner.
9.  Surprise each other.  Just the other day I came home with brand new nail clippers for my beloved, just because I was thinking of him while I was at the Walgreens.
10.  Use special nicknames for each other, but don’t call each other names.  I was very grateful on the day that someone asked Large what Daddy calls Mommy.  His answer was “Hey Babe.”  It could have been SO many other things if our relationship were different. 

So there you have it  . . . the BoyMommy strategies for keeping the love alive.  You're welcome. 

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  1. Loved this! I like stopping in here to read - makes me laugh! And I LOVED the pics of Small and the tribute to your friend, Mary. Keep writing Jen - you're amazing!


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