Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Kid Broke Himself.

Mommy tries.  Really, she does.
Well, Medium broke his arm.  It was just a matter of time really. 

My goal had always been to NOT have to visit the ER until at least Kindergarten.  With Large, we achieved that goal, but just barely.  He had an anaphylactic episode after eating a particularly nutritious granola bar and I had to take him to the ER about 2 weeks after he started Kindergarten.   So much for trying to ply him with protein - instead I activated a tree-nut allergy.

Medium was only about 18 months old when he came down the hallway saying “yucky!” and pointing to his mouth.  He had swallowed some prescription medication; I had accidentally left the few remaining pills on the counter after I called in the refill.  Yet another fine parenting moment.  He was fine, but as a precaution we took him to the ER to have him monitored.  The nurse told me they see many toddlers who have ingested something they shouldn’t have, but that’s little comfort when you know you’re the one whose carelessness resulted in your child’s ER visit.

(Did you know that Mt. Sinai has a Pediatric Emergency Room?  I did!)

A week ago, we met Daddy at the local mall so that we could do some holiday shopping while Large attended a birthday party in the area.  While I was dropping Large at the party, Medium was playing in the Kids’ Play Area.  According to Medium, he “fell.”  According to Daddy, he “jumped and missed.”  Knowing Medium the way I do, my money is on Daddy's version.  At any rate, he fell on his wrist and broke both bones.  He has a cast up beyond his elbow.

My question is this: how does one prevent a 5-year-old from using his cast as a weapon? Essentially he has a battering ram attached to his body at all times.  And, given that Large broke his collarbone a couple months ago, when exactly can I expect Child Protective Services to show up at my door?  

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  1. When Emma broke her arm, Sean and I had a bet on who she would hit with it first and how long it would take. Amazingly enough, she never used it as a weapon.


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